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Our Author Members!

Jacqueline Ballard_edited.jpg
Jacqueline Ballard


The Secret Recipes: Classic Southern Cooking

Recipe for Longevity: The Mediterranean Diet

kathy Borich.jpg
Kathy Borich

Fiction Novel: Serpent's Tooth: A Texas Mystery


Nonfiction: Appetite for Murder: A Mystery Lover's Cookbook

Anna Castle.jpg
Anna Castle

Fiction Novels: The Francis Bacon Mysteries--First in Series Murder by Misrule, Eighth in Series Lock Up Honesty; The Professor and Mrs. Moriarity Mysteries--First in Series Moriarity Meets His Match, Fourth in Series Moriarity Lift the Veil; The Cunning Woman Mysteries--The Case of the Spotted Tailor, The Case of the Tangled Maypole and The Case of the Miscast Curse

N.M. Cedeno

Fiction Novels: All in Here Head, For the Children's Sake, The Walls Can Talk, and Degrees of Deceit

Short Stories: A Reasonable Expectation of Privacy; In the Interest of Public Safety; Paria; Bad Vibes Removal Services

Short Story Collection: Island Vibes and Other Stories; Arson Vibes and Other Tales

David Ciambrone

Fiction Novels: The Virginia Davies Quilt Series including Mysterious Threads, Perilous Threads, Secret Threads and more; Laguna Treasure; Napa Nights; Pelican Cove; Quest for the Crystal Skull; the Trashy Gourmet; Chimera; Murder at Webster's Point.

Nonfiction: Poison Handbook for Writers

sue Cleveland -for-website_edited.jpg
Sue Cleveland
Writing as Meredith Lee with fellow chapter member D.L.S. Evatt:
Fiction Novels: 
The Cripsin Leads Mystery Series: Shrouded; Digging Up the Dead

Meredith Lee's Screenplay: Wireless

Babs Emodi

Fiction:  A Campsite of Culprits (A Cozy Mystery Tribe Anthology Book 3)

Clues, Christmas Trees and Corpses (a Limited edition Christmas Cozy Anthology


Nonfiction: Stress-Free Sewing Solutions: A No-Fail Guide to Garments for the Modern Sewist Paperback – August 25, 2021

D.L.S. Evatt

Fiction Novels: Bloodlines and Fencelines

Writing as Meredith Lee with fellow chapter member Susan Cleveland: The Cripsin Leads Mystery Series: Shrouded; Digging Up the Dead

Meredith Lee's Screenplay: Wireless

Helen Currie Foster

Fiction Novels: The Alice MacDonald Greer Mystery Series:  Ghost Cave, Ghost Dog, Ghost Letter, Ghost Dagger, Ghost Next Door, Ghost Cat, Ghost Daughter

Fiction Novella:: Bloody Bead written with Manning Wolfe

K.P. Cropped Color Portrait - Copy.jpg
K.P. Gresham

Fiction Novels: The Pastor Matt Hayden Mystery Series:.-The Preacher's First Murder, Murder in the Second Pew, Murder on the Third Try, Four Reasons to Die

Stand Alone Novel: Three Days at Wrigley Field

Helen Haught Fanick.jpg
Helen Fanick Haught

Fiction Novels: The Moon Mystery Series:--First in Series, Moon Signs, Seventh in Series, Moonlight on Emeralds

Stand Alone Novels: Saving Susie, Assignment Prague, City Life, The Tower.

Short Stories:  A Walk with Drucilla, Snowbound

Anthologies: Spring Decision, Stories of Appalachia and Bad Moon Rising

Stephanie Kreml.jpg
Stephanie Kreml

Fiction Novels:

Truth Unveiled

Neglected Truth

Truth Promised

Words in white Border Circle Logo (3)_edited_edited.jpg
Kristi Holl

Children's Mysteries:

The Boarding School Mysteries; The Carousel Mysteries; The Julie MacGregor Books; The Today's Girl.Com Mysteries AND many, many stand alone books for children.

Adult Mysteries: The Annie's Mystery Series. and Toxic Designs

Non-Fiction: Writing Mysteries for Young People

Juanita D. Houston

Fiction Novels:

Grave Danger, Full Throttle, Sold at Birth and An Unwanted Visitor

The Stalkers of Whiskey Bend Series: 

Dark Stalker and Dark Discovery

Patrick Kelly portrait_.jpg
Patrick Kelly

Fiction Novels: The Joe Robbins Mystery Series: The Entrepreneurs, The Cartel Banker, A Siren's Love, The Island Thief , and The Girl in the Tiny House.  The Wintergreen Mystery Series: The Mountainview Murders

 Stand Alone Novels: Sheila's Stories, Carter's Last Race, Stay the Wayward Guns, Only Yes Means Yes

Kate Lawley and Dog58.jpg
Cate Lawley / Kate Baray

Fiction Mystery Series: 

 -Vegan Vamp Mysteries 

 -Night Shift Witch Mysteries 

 -Death Retired Mysteries 

 -Cursed Candy Mysteries 

 -Furry Fairy Holiday Hijinks 

 -Fairmont Finds Canine Cozy Mysteries 

Kelly Manfredini portrait.jpg
Kelly Manfredini, aka K.M. Hodge

Fiction Novels: The Syndicate-Born Trilogy: Red on the Run, Black and White Truth, True Blue Son, and the series prequel: The Sally Ride Chronicle

Stand Alone Novels: Walker Texas Wife, Texas and Tiaras

Donna Marie Miller

Nonfiction Books:

The Broken Spoke: Austin's Legendary Honky-Tonk

The Texas Secessionists Standoff: The 1997 Republic of Texas "War"

Fran Paino_.jpg
Francine Paino
       aka F. Della Notte

Fiction Novels: The Housekeeper Mystery Series: I'm Going to Kill That Cat, Catwalk Dead Murder, The Church Murder and the Cat's Prey


Stand Alone Novel :  Descent Into Hell

Stacia Seaman
Stacia Seaman-300x200_edited.jpg

Anthologies Edited by Stacia Seaman and Radclyffe:

Amor and More: Love Everafter; Women of the Dark Streets: Lesbian Paranormal; Breathless: Tales of Celebration; Romantic Interlude Series: #1 Discovery: #2 Secrets: Discovery; Erotic Interlude Series: #2 Stolen Moments #3 Lessons in Love #4 Extreme Passions; #5 Road Games, 

Short Stories Written by Stacia Seaman:

Fantasy: Untrue Stories of Lesbian Passion Anthology: "Aural Pleasures"

Erotic Interludes #5: Road Games Anthology: "Night Train"

Infinite Pleasures Anthology; "A Distant Rumble"

Essays by Stacia Seasman:

"How to be a Visible Femme"published in Second Person Queer: Who You Are So Far; and "I Know Who You Are (But What Am I" published in Visible: A Femmethology, Volume One

Susan Toalson Portriat.jpg
Susan Toalson

Fiction Novels: The Alice Ann Abbott Mystery Series: Designed for Murder

MK waller portrait.jpg
M.K. Waller 

Fiction Novella: Stabbed co-written with Manning Wolfe


Short Story Anthologies: Murder on Wheels, Eleven Stories of Crime on the Move, Lonestar Lawless, 14 Texas Tales of CrimeDay of the Dark: Stories of Eclipse, and Chaos West of the Pecos

Tiffany Seitz.jpg
Tiffany Seitz

Fiction Novels: 

The Spiritual Gifts Series: #1 Valkyrie and #2 Healer

The Daemon Series: #1 Keep Your Eyes on Me and #2 If You Touch My Mind

Short Stories:

"Lost, The Found" published in Next Chapter Unleashed, A Beach Anthology

"Fortune Coveted' Writers Police Academy Golden Donut Award

"The Cape" 1st Place Writers Guild of Texas Kathryn McClatchy Flash Fiction

"All Saints" 1st Place Granbury Writer's Bloc: Short Story Contest

"Transplant" 3rd Place, Granbury Writer's Bloc Short Story Contest

Nancy West color photo from Faustinus, jpg.jpg
Nancy G. West

Fiction Novels: The Aggie Mundeen Mystery Series: Fit to Be Dead, Dang Near Dead, River City Dead, Smart but Dead, The Aggie Mundeen Lake Mysteries: The Plunge


Stand Alone Novel: Nine Days to Evil

Manning Wolfe_.jpg
Manning Wolfe

Fiction Novels: 


Author, The Merit Bridges Thriller Series: Dollar Signs, Music Notes, Chinese Wall and Green Fees

Co-Author of all 13 Novellas in the Bullet Books Speed Reads

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